Web-cart is a term. Web-cart means a combination of different-different shopping stores with multi-vendor. And The multi-vendor shopping cart allows shop merchants to easily manage their multiple vendors in one single admin panel. Using of Multi-vendors shopping cart shopkeeper or merchants work manage easily. Instead of logging into several accounts in order to manage all of your stores, you can just log in to one account and set anything you want for each of your stores in the administrative area.

Create an infinite range of online stores, share a shopping cart between multiple stores. “Webcart” is the entire solution for eCommerce business management. it’s all in one package for website management with backend admin panel to manage inventory, order, product, invoicing on.

Webcart” is a powerful solution to run your business properly & smoothly. Its lots of interesting features will helps you to increase your online business. It has Super Admin Panel: You Can manage the whole site by this admin panel. Admin can create user & store account & easily control the total business and multiple stores as well.

webcart Shopping Cart Features –

1) Easily create multi-vendor

Multi Vendors shopping cart are allow to vendor to create vendor store or upload the prodcts, Vendor get the sales.

2) Easily switch between stores

Multistore shopping cart where you can easily switch between stores, One store to another store.

2) Easy to navigate Storefront

From this, you can easily navigate storefront. Easily can reach the store.

3) Simple Checkouts

Multistore, where checkout is very easy. It is totally user-friendly.