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Why Wildcard SSL Certificates Are The Cheapest Solution to Secure Multiple Subdomains

Why Wildcard SSL Certificates Are The Cheapest Solution to Secure Multiple Subdomains

Most online businesses will be well aware that SSL certificates play an integral role in ensuring the security of their website. This is mainly because of the importance of SSL certificates in protecting the transfer of data. But, unfortunately, several businesses still have no clear idea of what a wildcard SSL certificate is. Businesses with multiple first-level subdomain sites should consider investing in a cheap wildcard SSL certificate. Wildcard SSL certificates offer several benefits to website admins and owners, especially those managing multi-domain sites.

If your business has multiple first-level subdomain websites and is still not using wildcard SSL certificates, you are missing out on a lot. However, if you still have no clue what a wildcard SSL certificate is and how it can benefit your business, do not worry because we have you covered.

What is A Wildcard Certificate

There are several choices available to website owners and admins looking for multi-use SSL certificates for their websites. Some of the best options available are wildcard SSL certificates, Unified Communications Certificate (UCC), and multi-domain (SAN) SSL certificates. These types of certificates are similar when we consider that they will be able to offer greater protection to multiple domains with just a single certificate. However, it is best to learn more about these different types of certificates, as it will help you identify the right one for your website.

A wildcard certificate can be described as a public key certificate such as TLS or SSL, which website admins and owners will be able to use on multiple first-level subdomains in addition to the main domain. Businesses on a tight budget should consider getting the cheapest wildcard SSL certificate available in the market if they have multiple level one subdomain sites.

How Wildcard SSL Certificate Helps To Secure Subdomains

One of the best things about wildcard SSL certificates is that they can be easily implemented on your website. Implementing a wildcard SSL certificate on a website is a straightforward process. That said, the website admin will have to put an asterisk in the main domains’ front part during the configuration process of the CSR ( Certificate Signing Request). So, for example, if you have a wildcard SSL certificate with xyzdomain.com, you will be able to offer protection to an unlimited number of first-level subdomains along with the main domain, such as the following.


This means that businesses will be able to secure their website for an unlimited number of first-level subdomains by using just one SSL wildcard certificate. In other words, businesses will need individual certificates for each subdomain if they are not using a wildcard SSL certificate.

If that’s the case, you will need to buy four separate certificates with four subdomain websites. Unfortunately, buying four certificates can be quite expensive, and it can make the process of managing subdomains very hard. Fortunately, you will be able to avoid such hassles by investing in an SSL wildcard certificate. If you need to add new sub-domains, there is no need to reissue the certificate because wildcard SSL certificates will automatically secure and cover the new subdomains. The Certificate Authorities issuing wildcard SSL certificates allow the installation of the same SSL certificate on unlimited servers.

Benefits of a Wildcard SSL Certificate

As mentioned earlier, investing in a wildcard SSL certificate can bring numerous benefits to businesses with multiple-subdomain websites. Here are some of the benefits your business can enjoy by buying an SSL wildcard certificate for your website.

Saves Time And Money

One of the major advantages of investing in SSL wildcard certificates is that you will be able to protect the unlimited subdomains and main domain of a website with a single certificate. As a result, website admins will have to buy just one wildcard certificate to secure and protect all their first-level subdomains under the chosen primary domain. Businesses that are using a wildcard SSL certificate will be able to save a considerable amount of their money and time. The time and money required to install and buy separate SSL certificates might be quite expensive to certain businesses. However, you can avoid such expenses by investing in a premium yet cheap Wildcard SSL certificate.

Simplifies The Management Process

It is crucial to remember that wildcard SSL certificates also save website owners hours of work when managing, monitoring, and installing separate SSL certificates for separate first-level subdomains. This means that businesses using a wildcard SSL certificate will be able to simplify the process of managing SSL certificates on a website. Since a wildcard SSL certificate offers protection for unlimited level one sub-domains, it offers convenience to website admins. In addition, working with a single certificate is a lot simpler and manageable than working with multiple SSL certificates. Handling multiple SSL certificates can become even more difficult If there are OV SSL certificates. This is because OV SSL certificates have a demanding and complicated verification process, taking lots of time in most cases.

Helps You Gain The Trust Of Users

Secured websites will have higher traffic and more user trust when compared to unsecure websites. In addition, Internet users and online shoppers will put more trust in your website, as it has better encryption and wildcard SSL certificates to protect all level-one sub-domains. Online businesses need to gain customer trust if they want to grow and succeed. Due to security concerns, most internet users will prefer not to buy products and services from websites that they don’t trust. Most Certificate Authorities also provide trusted site seals at zero additional cost to businesses for assurance. Website owners can place the site seal wherever they want on their website to gain customers’ trust. Such a site seal will assure website visitors that a reputed Certificate authority backs your website.

Another advantage of wildcard SSL certificates is that they are compatible with most browsers and servers (both mobile and desktop). SGC or Server Gated Cryptography certificate will be a better option when it comes to older web browsers. Most of the wildcard certificate providers out there offer over 99 per cent browser compatibility. This guarantees a smooth and fine browsing experience to website visitors without any SSL warning issues.
Reduce The Chance Of Human Errors

There are chances for the occurrence of human errors when managing SSL certificates. Businesses need to understand that such human errors can be quite costly in some cases, as they might lead to financial loss, reputation loss, or customer trust. Such issues may happen for several reasons, such as system configuration errors, entering inaccurate business credentials, or forgetting to update SSL certificates. If you have to manage just a single SSL certificate, you will be able to reduce the chance of human errors.

Wrapping Up

Wildcard SSL certificates are the best option available to businesses, which need to secure multiple first-level subdomains without spending a fortune. This is one of the major reasons why several small and medium-scale businesses have invested in wildcard certificates. As a result, Wildcard SSL certificates allow you to save time and money and make things simpler to manage.

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