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7 Tips to Select the Right WordPress Development Company

7 Tips to Select the Right WordPress Development Company

WordPress is a powerful CMS used by numerous companies and individuals to develop different kinds of websites. It is suitable for building personal websites, businesses websites, blogging websites, government websites, etc. Developing a website using WordPress is simple, but to create a market-ready business site, you require some technical know-how.  


An experienced WordPress development company possesses the requisite experience and expertise to develop competitive WordPress sites. So, the most suitable option is to hire a WordPress development company in such a scenario. But among various WordPress development companies finding the suitable one is a time-consuming task. Hence, to help you, we have listed 7 tips to select an excellent WordPress development company for your business. 

Tips To Hire The Right WordPress Development Company

Determine Your Project Requirements

Before starting your research of hiring a competent WordPress development partner, you should first identify your project needs. You should be clear with your purpose for creating a WordPress website. You must have clarity about your target audience and what needs you will solve through the WordPress website. It will help you find an apt WordPress development firm according to your project requirements and expertise. 


To hire the right WordPress developers or a company for your project, you should look for their years of experience. Using their previous projects’ expertise and knowledge, they will be able to offer you more competitive solutions. Additionally, their expertise will assist them in managing complex situations more proficiently. It doesn’t mean that freshers are not capable of providing robust solutions, but an experienced company can provide you with more practical and goal-oriented results.

Look for suitable expertise

If you want an essential website for your business, it will not involve much effort. But to build a professional-looking WordPress website, you need technical proficiency and expertise. You can hire a custom WordPress development company to develop a customized WordPress site that is competitive and market-ready. With their knowledge of WordPress, they will be able to focus on even the more minor details from the beginning of the project.

Analyze their Portfolio

It is crucial to check the portfolio of the WordPress development company as it will help you in analyzing their previous projects. You can check what type of projects they have delivered so far. WordPress development companies also provide links to their live website or the page of the company that includes the screenshots and details of their project. Therefore you can check whether their skills and expertise match your project and help make a good decision. 

Focus on Value

When selecting the custom WordPress development services, you may consider cost as the essential factor. However, it is not the right way of choosing the company. It may be possible that a company with low cost may not be able to offer you the required features and functionalities in your site. Therefore, experience and expertise come with a price, therefore, do not consider cost the only parameter to hiring a WordPress developer. Evaluate their knowledge and expertise that can add value to your project. 

Look at their past projects 

Check the previous projects of the WP development company as it will help you analyze their quality of work and what kind of projects they have worked with. By analyzing their past projects, you can check their development approach, capabilities, and other aspects. Moreover, you can explore their reviews and ratings given by their past clients. Ask them for references, and you can contact them to learn more about the WordPress website development company. 

Communication Skills

Communication skills are necessary for smooth and timely project completion. Proper communication and collaboration minimize the instances of misunderstanding and glitches that can lead to delays in the project launch. It is essential that the team timely update you about project progress. You can use Slack, Skype, Webex, etc., to conduct meetings and share necessary information. 

Top 5 Reliable WordPress Development Companies 


CSSChopper is one of the most reliable and experienced WordPress development companies. It was launched in 2009. It has a proficient team of WordPress developers who can create advanced plugins, themes, and websites. It provides a vast range of services, including creating WordPress themes and modules, third-party integration to WordPress websites, and developing custom web portals. 

RatesEmployeesFounded Country
$25/ hr50-2492009United States

Cemtrex Labs

Centrex Labs is concentrated on assisting brands in growing via digital transformation services.  With their development and Design, software, and hardware, development services range from robust AR/VR applications that push the boundaries of consumer, experimental, industrial, and commerce apps for the world’s most renowned and innovative brands. It includes AARP, LiveNation, IWC, Bose, and Endeavor. 

RatesEmployees FoundedCountry 
$50-$99/ hr50-2492009Brooklyn, NY

Goji Labs

Goji Labs was founded in 2014; it is a mobile and web app development company headquartered in Los Angeles.  They have a team of 30 that has assisted startups, businesses, and non-profits in establishing 100+ digital products in various industries.  Their services comprise UX research, UX/UI design, product strategy, IoT, and web and mobile development.

Rates EmployeesFoundedCountry
$100-$149/ hr10-492014Los Angeles, CA


It is a full-service WordPress and WooCommerce Agency.  They work directly with all clients, agencies, and companies that outsource WordPress development.  Their services include custom WordPress development, WooCommerce development, Design, front-end development, etc.  They have expertise in WordPress development, and their clients are located in the US and Europe. 

$50-$99/ hr10-492014Newark, DE


They are WordPress industry-leading experts in developing simple themes and big, highly complicated projects.  Their clients appreciate the ease and flexibility of their approach to creating WordPress panels and the excellent technical quality they deliver.  Their technologies allow for connecting dedicated graphics with convenient content management, offering customers a well-designed, transparent, entirely intuitive, and responsive website. 

RatesEmployeesFounded Country
$25-$49/ hr10-492013Poland

Wrapping It Up!!

Finding a reliable WordPress development company is a daunting task given so many options, but the success of your project depends upon their expertise and skills.  Therefore you must choose the experienced and skilled developers for your project.  We have provided you with 7 tips to hire the best WordPress web development company for your project.

Ensure that you must be clear with your project requirements and other necessary aspects before beginning your search for the WordPress web development firm. To make your process more accessible, we have provided you with the name of 5 experienced companies offering WordPress development.  Pick the one that best understands your project requisites and develop a competitive and feature-rich WordPress website for your business.

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