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Nine interesting tactics for marketing storage facilities

Nine interesting tactics for marketing storage facilities

As the number of consumers increases daily, the need to have more space for storage also increases. Moreover, it is already a mess for storage facilities to organize space inventory, which gives rise to storage facilities.

It is a never-dying business, and storage needs will undoubtedly increase per person. Also, as many students working people live away from their cities for employment, there are growing demands for external storage.

There are a lot of self-storage businesses out there, so the following paragraphs will describe what tactics can they leverage to market their storage facilities and improve their business:

Create a website:

It is impossible to imagine a business without a dedicated website in the contemporary digital and technological world.

A website makes a company more accessible to users, helps broadcast relevant information, provides quick and easy solutions, and allows customer voices to be heard easily.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After creating a website, its accessibility for the users is imperative. All the search engines like Google, Bing, etc., use the SEO approach for ranking their results and displaying them accordingly.

So to appear at the top search results, a website has to be SEO friendly. Making a website SEO-friendly includes using keywords and placing them in proper positions.

Particularly in the case of storage facilities, users exploring storage facilities will most probably search “Nearest storage facility.”

Similarly, if they want to look at online storage auctions, they will search “Storage auctions around me” instead of the specific name of any business.

Companies can take the following steps to improve the visibility of their website on a search engine:
Ensure you register your facility with Google My Business and provide up-to-date and complete information.
Use keywords according to the local jargon, e.g., ” Storage facility in the county park.”
Partner with local websites to promote your link

SEO requires constant updates to conform to the local conventions and check keyword rankings.

Minimalist and Intuitive website:

Although most modern firms have a website, they are not up to par. Either they provide too many details, confuse the customers, or provide rudimentary data like contact and about.

The company should ensure the quality of website design and services offered to satisfy the customers.

Following are some steps that can be taken to provide the best customer experience:

Design the website in a way that is intuitive for customers, keeping in mind the user behavior to make sure navigation is easy.
Provide a balance between the graphics and content of the website to appeal to the customers through minimalist design

Social media marketing:

This technological world witnessed a massive surge in social media usage, and it now provides excellent promotion opportunities for various firms.

User presence on social media ensures that customers can be reached in the shortest possible time.

Starting with Facebook and Instagram is a great way to build a social media presence and make way for marketing.

After onboarding, you can post pictures, descriptions, and customer testimonials.

Also, social media campaigns provide good opportunities to engage customers. Moreover, social media page ratings and reviews are a great way to build trust.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads:

Offered by Google, it attracts traffic to your website by using specific keywords. Your website is then shown as an ad in search results or social media pages.

It might have a budget problem, but campaigns allow you to set a budget via bidding and ensure that you keep track of the money spent.

Even though it might seem like a costly option, the return on investment is usually high.

Offer a Site plan:

These are interactive ways to explain services to the customers. Users would be able to identify and access the specific locations easily.

As these are generally intuitive and very interactive, it greatly satisfies users.

Online tour:

Following the recent proliferation of virtual reality, it is the perfect time to incorporate it into the storage facility business.

Detailed 360-degree images must be taken and blended into a VR system to set up a virtual tour of the vicinity.

Although an arduous task, it has massive benefits, which include:

Ease of use for customers: Instead of commuting to the location, users can access all the relevant information from their computers.
Saves time: The time needed for commuting is saved.
Reduces cost: The cost required to train and pay personnel to entertain the customers is eliminated.

Easy maintainability:

It is much easier to update the inventory in virtual reality.

Fully set up Google My Business listing:

Google My Business is a simple tool that lets businesses organize and manage their online presence.

Having a well-maintained profile on My Business can significantly increase your chances of appearing higher in search results.

Moreover, it will also provide relevant information like pictures, ratings, phone numbers, operating hours, etc., which attracts customers.

Provide all the relevant details on My Business and keep it up to date to ensure better accessibility for customers.

Referral incentives:

Referrals are old yet powerful marketing strategies. Their power comes from the fact that people are generally reluctant to experience a new company, but friends’ recommendations help build trust.

Referrals can be created by implementing strategies to encourage existing users to recommend your services to your peers. An example would look like the following:
Create a specific referral link for existing customers
Ask them to share it
For each new profile created by the link, the customers would get between $1 and – 5.

This strategy will help motivate people to promote your business.


Following the statements mentioned above, it is evident that online presence is a huge plus point for storage facilities. There are many ways in which they can leverage their full potential.

Companies can continue to dominate search engines by using search engine optimization and pay-per-click ads.

Start with a simple yet interactive website featuring sitemap and virtual tour features.

Next, creating and maintaining a Google My Business Profile will be very beneficial. Finally, use social media to reach maximum customers in minimal time.

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