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How can plagiarism affect your digital identity & brand reputation?

How can plagiarism affect your digital identity & brand reputation?

Digital identity and brand reputation are the apparent faces of a company involved in online business. Just as your physical identity explains your true self, your digital identity explains a lot about your business motives. One thing that remains at the helm of any brand strategy is unique content creation and on the flip side, it’s plagiarism that takes a toll on your digital identity. one of the most fascinating facts about the internet is that it provides a level playing field for you whether you are a one-room shop or a multinational company.

But still, it’s been a matter of concern to produce such content that differentiates you from others because unique content is becoming more and more difficult nowadays. No matter what you are in your physical presence, the factor which outranks you from the big fishes in your niche is your brand reputation. How plagiarism affects your brand reputation and digital identity?

Plagiarism is a menace that ruins your creativity and reduces your brand identity as a mere caricature of someone’s thoughts.You cannot manifest your presence on your readers if you copy someone’s content.  Therefore, you are just wasting your money and time if you think that you can bypass the readers’ judicious eyes and lead them towards buying your product. Currently, the internet has billions of web pages and one-third of it are plagiarized. Plagiarized or copied content means that they have nothing of their own to show, instead they rely on standing on someone else’s shoulders to grab the fruit of marketing.On the other hand, if you copy someone’s logo and taglines, you may not achieve anything because the audience will see you as a fake brand.Suppose if you are going to launch a smartphone brand and you copy the color code and logo of apple. Will you succeed in your endeavor? Never.

Because people will instantly label you as a thief who steals someone’s content and it will harm your digital identity. Plagiarism can also decrease your ranking and affect your Seo greatly. Because Google is smart enough to know that your content is copied. It combines all the copied pages and selects the most elaborative content. Hence, your content may remain in oblivion and may not be indexed by Google. Thus, it completely destroys your brand as people won’t even notice your brand, let alone buy it.

To add insult to injury, you may get penalized for plagiarizing someone’s content. Google has updated its algorithms that penalize or de-rank copied or low-quality content. Panda and Hummingbird algorithm gives your content a quality score and on that basis calibrates your ranking. You may also get copyright infringement strikes and it is considered an offense with legal punishments. Every brand purchases a brand logo that is reserved for the right of that brand. Copying someone’s identity comes under stealing and it may levy serious punishments to the offender. For all the right reasons, your digital identity gets shattered by plagiarism. So you should avoid it at any cost.

Brand reputation role in online business

In this age of technology, reputation management has become an integral element for every company. Reputation is the way the company’s image is appearing and how people perceive it. Any business that aims to grow, they must be aware of their image. The image of your business can determine the success or failure of your company. Businesses have to keep an excellent image at all times. A positive online reputation is a fantastic way to establish a strong relationship with existing customers and potential clients.

Many factors can affect your online business and its reputation. They include how you conduct your company, service to customers, your visibility, content and so on. This is why companies require an online software for managing the reputation that can assist them in tracing negative reviews and to improve if necessary.

Role of Brand Reputation in Online Business

  • If you’re operating an online or an offline one it’s essential to maintain your image of business on the market. With ORM it is possible to make your brand appealing and interesting to draw new customers.
  • If you’re operating an online business, you will receive positive and negative reviews, don’t you think? If you have negative reviews, managing your online reputation will help you deal with all of this quickly.
  • The best thing about ORM is the fact that it will help increase it to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your business.
  • With the increase in confidence among the customers and the excellent reputation of the brand on the market the customers are faithful to the company through purchasing the services and products from the company, and not choosing products offered by competitors on the market.

How to get rid of plagiarism?

The best way to avoid it is to pre-empt its occurrence in your content. For this, you need to write unique and creative content by yourself. Thus you need to generate ideas and think out-of-the-box. Moreover, you need to practice a lot to create unique content. It is easier said than done because it takes time and energy to open the hidden doors of creativity. However, if you are ambivalent about plagiarism inside your content then you can use a free plagiarism checker . Because it searches different sources and provides the matched results. In this way, you can remain aware of copied content.

How unique content plays a role in shaping your digital identity?

It is all about trust as if your audience feels that you are fair in your dealings and you are different, then they will automatically come to you again and again. Thus, inbound marketing will help you attract your customers and keep them loyal to you. Businesses work constantly to establish a brand through techniques like content promotion, digital marketing, and brand awareness.

Unique content builds brand trust:

If you’re are creative enough to conceive a new idea then you may geta higher chance of success as compared to your competitors.However, unique content builds a sense of authority among the buyers as it gives a feeling that you are an expert in your field.Remember, no one would trust an anonymous person so you first need to show your credibility to develop a sense of trust. Stats say that 81% of customers buy products of the brands they trust.This shows a deep sense of doubt among the people regarding unknown brands because they may consider it a scam.

Different brands color codes and taglines set them apart from others:

Colors play a vital role in differentiating you from others. Moreover, people who come across your brand and decide to use often take a leap of faith to use your products. So setting unique colors, new logos, and unique taglines help a lot in grabbing first-hand customers.  Research shows that signature color can improve brand recognition by 80%.

A consistent tone of your content improves your sales:

When you write the content of your brand such as a blog on your own, you develop a certain kind of voice with entends to your digital authority.People who read your content understand your tone and resonate with your ideas. When they want to know something related to your niche, they come to you because they believe you can provide that content.Therefore, if you keep on producing unique content, you improve your consistency and consistent content creators earn 33% more than others.

Summing it up:

A well-developed digital identity claims a large chunk of traffic on the internet. So it furthers the business project and transcends you to the epitome of success. However, duplicate content can be the Achilles heel for your brand reputation, as it degenerates your identity from the inside and labels you like none other than a scam.

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